Core Behavior Description

NSL module may have a core behavior description. The core behavior works continuously without activation.


declare NS03 { input a,b; output f; } module NS03 { f = a & b; }

This example uses IO definitions and core behavior description. It operates logic functions between input terminals and then transfers the result to an output terminal. The core behavior description in this example is:

f = a & b

It is an easy operation and you may image the result. We will make a simulation on this circuitry as following command:

# ./exe NS03

The result will be available on your console.

a:0, b:0, f:0

a:1, b:0, f:0

a:0, b:1, f:0

a:1, b:1, f:1

You can show the waveform style output with following command.

# ./exe -wave NS03